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Anonymous asked
I recently told my boyfriend. Gave him a link to a site about it and told him to NEVER mention it. Ever. At all. But surprisingly, he was willing and interested. I still don't let him talk about it though. Too embarrassing.

Congrats to you for working up the courage! That is a big step in itself. Who knows, now that he knows you may one day open up a little more. Baby steps :)

lovebiggerbreasts asked
That video with the beer has been a favorite of mine for a while, but yes, it is unfortunate that you can't see any of the process, which would be HOT, considering this video is so good even without the process shown

Oh it is amazing! Maybe they will do a follow up.

lovebiggerbreasts asked
Also, her head gets a little bigger when she's spat on, no? Or is it just me? xD

I think it might, according to the description it’s only her hair and makeup (like beautification or something is what they call it).


Heckenboe Beer - Невское живое - Breasts, Beautification, and Height

Wow, what a great mention by the anon. Thanks for directing me to this!!  Such a shame that everything’s off-screen, though…  Anyways!

So, in this ad, a man visits a party at someone’s house where people are drinking (and fucking in the back bedroom?).  He slaps a girl’s ass and while she’s pissed, not much happens.  However, somebody spills some of the beer on her chest.  While the camera looks at the guy and his friend who’re laughing.. the laughing person in camera gets serious.  Pan back to the girl and her chest is larger.  Rawr.

This happens again when the guy next to her does a spit-take on her face.. causing more makeup to show up.

Then next, somebody pours it down her belly and feet.. causing her to be extra tall when next on-screen.  This causes the guys to pour the beer down their pants.

DEFINITELY worth a look.


Found here:

and (Registration required).

Done by Sergey Frunze. AKA:

Сергей Фрунзе

Anonymous asked
I told my fiancee about my kinks a year after he moved in, after being together for 10. While he doesn't share them (and doesn't really seem to get it), he respects that it's a part of me, and loves me regardless. The right person will be fine with your kinks.

Thank you so much, I might just take that leap and say it soon enough. 

lovebiggerbreasts asked
You got so many replies because most people feel that you shouldn't be embarrassed haha. People tend to tell me personal things like that out of nowhere, and I'm just there thinking "I didn't know we were THAT close yet" lol

Seems that the people of tumblr feel so much more connected to other tumblr users. The reaction honestly has really helped though.